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View Diary: Paying school teachers $125,000 / year? (99 comments)

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    and I think it helps raise the question of where the child is coming from and what the parent involvement will be. You pay the teachers more, you'll expect better results, but if nothing else changes I don't see how it can be a success.

    Regarding the class size issue, maybe someone has commented below (haven't read all the comments yet) but 30 is fine for certain subjects and certain age groups, not for all... In general younger kids should have smaller classes for some (or most) of their learning. Older kids (I guess you're teaching high school?) have already aquired learning skills and strategies and background and it may be appropriate for them in certain subjects to function in a larger class--might even be beneficial for them.

    30 is too large for ESL learning no matter what the age group, even adults. Period. Though, there is lots you can do with a group of 30 as long as that's only a small part of the instruction--ie, break down to groups of 15 most of the time and do large group some of the time. That's assuming of course that you want excellent results. If you don't care about the results, just shovel them in. A "good" teacher can keep any size group adequately hopping, but that's not the same thing as carefully honing their language development. This requires a lot of individual attention, like teaching violin.

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    by sillia on Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 06:01:56 AM PST

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