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  •  2004 stuff you posted is completely bogus (0+ / 0-)

    it's been debunked over and over. He was protectin Kerry/Edwards who had voted for the war. See Media matters.

    Clintonites shouldn't be pulling this stunt because if Clinton somehow wins the nomination, does she want Obama, Gore, Dean etc to bash her and her Iraq war vote at the DNC convention?

    Funding votes are a consequence of the war being underway. Obama always said, even in his 2002 speech and interviews, that once we invaded, we's assume a grave need to leave responsibly. That's the reason we should never have invaded, Obama argued correctly. Gore's reasoning has been similar on the invasion and aftermath.

    Next, Obama introduced his Iraq withdrawal bill in Jan 2007 which Hillary Clinton aped with a similar bill 2 weeks later. The language from his bill made its way to the only serious Dem withdrawal bill a couple of months later. Obama in that sense moved the party away from the war.

    The website stuff is moot given that he kept opposing the invasion all the way through March 2003:

       MAR 2003: Obama Challenged Other Candidates To Take A Position On Iraq War. The AP wrote, "Barack Obama is criticizing the idea of war against Iraq and challenging his Democratic opponents in the U.S. Senate race to take a stand on the question...Issuing the challenge at a weekend speech in Champaign, Obama said he does not oppose war if it's necessary. But he believes Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein poses no immediate threat and that, with Iraq's economy in shambles, he can be "contained" until internal pressures force him out...Obama said candidates wishing to unseat Republican Sen. Peter Fitzgerald in 2004 should speak up now as the Bush administration moves closer to using military force against Iraq. `What's tempting is to take the path of least resistance and keep quiet on the issue, knowing that maybe in two or three or six months, at least the fighting will be over and you can see how it plays itself out,' said Obama, a state senator from Chicago." (AP, 3/3/2003)

       MAR 2003: Obama Said It's Not Too Late To Stop The War. "State Sen. Barack Obama (D-Chicago) told the crowd, `It's not too late' to stop the war." (Chicago Sun- Times, 3/17/03)

    while HRC and JM kept hawking it. see

    Harry Reid was fuzzy and flip-flopped all over the place on scheduling the Kyl-Lieberman vote. Obama didn't get sufficient time to return from NH to vote. He took his position that he'd have voted against it that very night. I'll post a link shortly.

    Obama does want to increase the military size. While I myself would like to see his full justification for it, clearly, given that national guard and reserve troops have been stretched thin badly because of the Iraq war (which Clinton and McCain enabled) at least for the next couple of years, we clearly do need a larger force.

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