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  •  Yunno what the worst part is??? (none)
    Democrats knew about this from the beginning and let this fool co-sign the Hate Admendment and did nothing.

    It is frightening how utterly pathetic the Dem leadership in Washington is at the moment.

    Gephardt found the time to have his picture taken in the Rose Garden but as a Democratic "leader" with a lesbian daughter kept his mouth shut.

    Where the hell was HOLY JOE, he publically denounced Clinton for getting an extra-martial blowjob but could not find the courage to denouce this hateful hypocrite.

    We won't even get into where were K/E...

    It now seems like ordinary citizens have to take these matters in their own hands because the Dems in Washington have made it very clear that they will not help the base or push Democratic issues.

    This begs the question what else have the Democrats been sitting on???

    In an election year they are allowing the Repbulicans to repeal OVERTIME... can we say INEFFECTIVE not only do we have to throw Bush and his cronies outta Washington but the Democratic "Deadwood" as well...

    This is why Rove didn't want to run against Dean in the first place. Dean/Obama 2008/12

    by Genf on Tue Aug 31, 2004 at 01:34:09 AM PDT

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