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  •  He needs to sound like a fighter. (0+ / 0-)

    People are really suffering here.  Edwards really tapped into that well.  The blue collar workers where I come from want a fighter, an advocate.

    Obama is really good at getting people excited.  I know that he can do this.  I don't know that he can do it without losing the "new politics" theme, though.  

    I've heard him speak and he is very appealing.  What he needs to work on, I think, is empathy.  Make the voters feel that he really understands them and wants to help them.  Right now, Hillary is casting herself as a fighter and it's working.  It's even resonating among voters who resent her husband over GATT and NAFTA.

    The people you are talking about put Bush in office. He has no clue, just like his Dad who never saw a grocery scanner. He's amazed at how high gas prices have gotten. The voters you talk about should link the situation now with their votes then. Their lives would have been a lot better if they had gone ahead and voted for Gore, and that's regardless of the fact that Bush helped with steel tariffs.

    A lot of voters where I live haven't forgotten the fact the Bush, not the Democrats, saved the steel industry.   My father and I discussed that irony just a few days ago and he reiterated his disgust for Al Gore.  My father was a low-level union officer and a life-long Democrat.  He won't tell me how he voted in 2004, so I'm assuming he went for Bush, in appreciation for saving his job and his pension.

    Together, we will turn promises into action, words into solutions and hope into reality. Hillary Clinton for President

    by psychodrew on Mon Mar 10, 2008 at 06:12:37 PM PDT

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