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View Diary: Hillary's Work on Kosovo & N. Ireland (173 comments)

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  •  I don't think that everybody is doubting (3+ / 0-)

    her good works & involvement. She wouldn't be where she's at without them, whether she's liked or not. HOWEVER, her statement was very misleading & by doing so, she's creating this bubble for herself. As we all know, a bubble is something that is NOT solid & very fragile. A bubble does not represent the content. It's fuzzy & not trust-worthy. It's pretty but not truthful. Why can't she say like it is? "Yes, border was opened by the time I got there & I was very relieved to see that happened. For there were a lot of issues that needed attention & I was making great effort to make it better for those who were less fortunate." Instead she came up with a statement that everybody knows by now. Why? Can you explain that to me? Please don't tell me Sen.Obama does this & that. I'm not trying to argue. I'll vote for her if somehow she becomes a nominee but I have some serious doubt about her. So please help me understand why she made this bubble statement. Thank you.

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