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    if Obama was a white man with his brains and drive and eloquence and desire to serve as president, the nomination would already be over...

    and if Clinton was just a junior senator with no ties of being married to an ex-president, she wouldn't have gotten the money to run in the first place...

    but they are what they are...he is black and she is a former first lady...those things count i guess, but they aren't the only things that define either of them...

    i will say that he has had to overcome a few things and so has she, but she has also had a number of things thrown her way that he didn't...being a governor's wife, a president's wife, getting the NY senatorship...yes she had to work at all those things, but she always had an "in"...a black man with a funny name doesn't have any "ins" in America


    There is no trickle down, because greed expands to absorb any excess. DevilsTower

    by thegelding on Tue Mar 11, 2008 at 11:19:27 AM PDT

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