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  •  Moot point. (6+ / 0-)

    Spitzer wouldn't be in this bind if prostitution was legal.

    I'm not defending him.  I believe marital fidelity is a positive value, but it still comes down to his obligations to his family, which he failed in my opinion.  Whether marital fidelity is something we ought to hold public officials to is another question.

    If the feds had found he was withdrawing money for a legal pursuit, however distasteful to them in their own moral judgement, they would have had to stop the investigation, and it's possible nothing more would have come of it.

    •  Not if he'd been crusading agaisnt it (0+ / 0-)

      The hypocrisy factor was going to get him here, whether it was illegal or not.

      Stephanie Dray
      of Jousting for Justice, a lefty blog with a Maryland tilt.

      by stephdray on Wed Mar 12, 2008 at 09:59:10 AM PDT

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    •  Not true... (0+ / 0-)

      The banks reported it as suspicious because Spitzer tried to remove his name from the transaction and avoid the $10,000 reporting threshold...those are big no-no's and raised serious questions...

      Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama '08 Winning Change for America and the Democratic Party

      by dvogel001 on Wed Mar 12, 2008 at 11:02:47 AM PDT

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