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  •  I doubt that... (0+ / 0-)

    Not that it matters in this context, and I'll be happy to agree to disagree ;-)

    But don't pretend that it's for the child's welfare.  It's because males depend on females for access to reproduction and therefore attempt to control that access in any way they can.

    I don't think that's true - or at least, it's far too simplistic. First of all, "access to reproduction" applies to women just as much. I have yet to hear of a woman who was able to reproduce without men. I think you are trying to say that a woman has a heavier investment in reproduction than a man (9 months vs. a few minutes).

    Biologically, in low-birth-rate species such as primates, reproduction is useless when the child does not fare well after birth.

    Thus, a male primate (human or not) does have an interest in the child's well-being after birth.

    Being able to identify his own offspring is important for a male because otherwise, he may end up being forced to care for somebody else's offspring, a "coockoo's baby".

    Come to think about it: child's welfare and access to reproduction really are one and the same thing, looked at from two different angles.

    The benefit to the child is obvious whenever there is any child-related work to be done ... you will seldom find a male in sight.

    Even if I accept that statement as true for today, it would be a very recent phenomenon, brought on by women having careers of their own.

    If you look at the pre-industrial society, you'll notice that men are just as much cast in specific roles as women - and the primary role of everybody in the family was always to create the next generation. The mail role was invariably that of provider, the one who brings in the food. The woman may care for the child by changing diapers, and keeping the house clean, but don't claim that the man's dragging in the food and building the house has nothing to do with child rearing.

    Almost always, the man would not choose his station in life any more than the woman would. Just as a woman, he would be expected to take up whatever profession his father had.

    In any case, I find it interesting that despite the different starting point, we arrived at the same conclusion!

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