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View Diary: Geraldine Ferraro Is Not A Racist (184 comments)

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    Girl Patriot

    Geraldine Ferraro is old enough to know the brutal and corrosive history of Mississippi. Either she was being ignorant or simply expressing what I feel us the underlying tragedy of Clinton's campaign. There is nothing liberating or transformative about it. Hillary has acted as though the Presidency should be hers by right of her status as the first credible woman to run for office. Up until Iowa, when the media woke up to the fact that her campaign had been out organized and soundly beaten by a better candidate, she was treated as the President in waiting. Once the press began to question wherher she was truly the better candidate she resorted to a variety of tactics there had nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with how women who want to appear wronged garner sympathy. She feared up, she played the victim. A good candidate, with a half way decent campaign team knows understands they are first and foremost selling a product and they are able to frame its reception. A bad candidate, with a poor message always finds someone else to blame for their failure. Unable to convince us she was a product that could stand on her own, she first tried to make us feel guilty by tearing up. Then she tried to con us by making it seem if we voted for Hillary we would magically return to the glorious 90s. As each of these strategies failed and Barack out played get quietly and with clear focus she quite simply lost it and turned in to the product of a thousand faces: there was Hillary as the bully kicking sand in Barack's face, then she turned into acid flashback Hillary, then she turned into Hillary the protector god who would save us from Nigerian telemarketers at three I clock on the morning when the kiddies are all snug in their beds. Then she tried out Hillary the Macho Republican. Finally when all these had failed she reverted back to being Hillary the Southern Belle of Birth of a Nation and unleashed her toothless old attack dog to remind the good ok' boys of Mississippi that Barack was a black man out to get a defenseless White woman. Don't tell ne that Ferraro was not playing the race card because that was the only thing left that she knew would work in Mississippi and it resulted in the most racially polarized primary to date. I do not care if Ferraro is not a racist to callously use race in that way lowers to the level if being one.

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