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View Diary: The Limbaugh Effect in Mississippi, Texas, and Ohio (33 comments)

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    I fully believe Rush has gotten many idiot wing-nuts to vote in the Dem primary and that those ditto heads will not be voting Dem come November.

    But I think there are some other underlying effects going on.

    For instance, in DeSoto County Mississippi (some say the most conservative county in the state), Dems had record turnout on Tuesday (go find my diary about it).

    What is amazing about that turnout, is that there was a high-profile GOP Primary Race for the 1st Congressional District vacated when the past congressman was tabbed to replace Trent Lott's senate seat.

    In that GOP primary, 2 northern mississippi mayors squared off.  It was of high interest, b/c the winner is the presumed new congressman due to the overwhelming Republican district.  And one of those mayors is a mayor in Southaven, a town in DeSoto County.

    In the face of this important GOP primary race, Dems had record turnout, netting ~8000 total votes in DeSoto County compared to ~11000 for the Republicans.  Considering how Bush got 72% of the vote in 2004, this is a remarkable percentage of voters choosing to vote Dem.  

    To think that so many conservative voters in DeSoto County would choose to vote in the Dem primary and NOT be able to vote their own mayor into the House of Representatives is amazing.  In fact, that GOP race will have to go down to a run-off.  That run-off wouldn't have been needed, had the Dems not gotten so many cross-over votes.

    I have a hard time believing all those cross-over votes are ditto-heads only wanting to wreck our party with no intention of voting Dem in November.  Check out my diary for more details if you are interested.

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      i was actually looking at some districts on the maps eariler. now i have to go back and check, because those sound close to the numbers that surprised me. i was wondering why McCain had such a high turnout compared to some of the others.

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