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View Diary: Obama is our savior - Clinton is evil (232 comments)

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  •  their plans are pretty similar (1+ / 0-)
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    they both are political animals, but they view politics differently. and i do buy into the notion that his brand of politics will be more successful in helping him get his plans in place. so that is why i support him.  

    •  You may be right - although his rhetoric (0+ / 0-)

      about getting along makes me nervous.  As many a kossack has pointed out in posts regarding things going on in Congress, until the Rs put people in office who are interested in the good of the country, "reaching across the aisle" is another term for "bend over".  However, they both use that rhetoric to one extent or another and in reality they have both managed to work with Rs when said Rs decide to be sane for a change.

      I've said before I have no problem with him - although the vitriol of some of his supporters sometimes makes me want to say nasty things and refuse to vote for him - but I'm a better Dem than that.  I wish his plans were closer to Hillary's.  I support the woman's plans.   She's a nice person. I know lots of nice people.  That's not why I support her.  I truly think she's staying in to be able to shape the Dem platform.

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