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View Diary: Obama is our savior - Clinton is evil (232 comments)

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  •  Yes, it absolutely is my opinion (0+ / 0-)

    But I would also say it is backed up by facts and my own experience. I have worked very hard in state politics to turn our lege back to blue and am well aquainted with all of our state senators. Many of them are fine people, but none have the experience to be president.

    I've had quite enough inexperience and incompetence with Bush, thank you very much.

    •  Bush technically had more experience (0+ / 0-)

      than Clinton has now. He ran a state government as well as many companies. Cheney has tons of experience. Incompetence I'll give you, though.

      Obama supports are well aware of this experience argument.  It would be hard not to be after so many months.

      Here is my analysis.  Both Obama and Hillary lack experience in running a government.  Hillary does have an advantage just being in the White House for 8 years, but I see it as a slight advantage.

      Both, if elected, would surround themselves by people who would help and support their efforts.  Ultimately, Obama has enough experience for my tastes.  There have been other presidents (great ones even) that didn't have "executive" level experience and did just fine.  

      McCain even lacks experience in my opinion.  The Senate in no way compares to running a government.  They are two different animals.

      •  by the way (0+ / 0-)

        Just curious.  Could you see yourself voting for Obama in November if he is the nominee?

        One thing I hope is that November is a long way away and I think a lot of this heat will die down, and the sooner the better.

        I think the back and forth sniping is blowing a lot out of proportion and we're all at each others throats for the smallest of reasons.

        •  No, not at all (0+ / 0-)

          I have never failed to vote for a democrat in any election for 29 yrs, but I just cannot vote for Obama. He may voice policies that are liberal, and if elected I honestly hope he enacts some of them (though I doubt he will).

          But the lying, the pandering to homophobes in SC, and the sexist attitude from him remind me very much of all the reasons I have never voted for a republican in my life.

          I have good instincts about people and he feels more like a republican in his attitudes to me than a democrat. And I just think he is a phony. I cannot pull the lever for him. He'll have to win without me.

          I hope you're right that things calm down over the next few months. If they don't I will switch my party affiliation to independent, and only vote for democrats that inspire me rather than an all dem ticket, which is my normal habit.

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