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    but used to dismiss her. Obama 'says' it by dismissing any experience she gained while married. It's the old 'slept her way to the top' thing that follows women who achieve powerful position in business. It's coded but understood, by women. In this way are coded messages that refer to race 'understood' by African Americans but may go under other's radar. Obama took it to a new level in his strategy, he put out a four-page dictionary of anything that might be 'spun' as racist, and although he seemed offended when it was waived under his nose in the Nevada primary and he repudiated it and blamed it on over zealous supporters, he's not backed away from claiming anything remotely possible as racist and then playing the victim But this is not why he'll lose, he'll lose because it wont' work for the next six weeks and his positions which are poorly thought out in my mind and his 'great judgement' on Tony and his advisors will trip him up.  If it's issues and in this long time it'll eventually have to be, he'll lose the right way, because he's the weaker candidate.  

    Hillary - Alternative Energy

    by anna shane on Wed Mar 12, 2008 at 05:35:14 PM PDT

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