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View Diary: Trippi: "I don't expect Edwards to endorse either candidate" (161 comments)

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  •  Don't get me wrong (1+ / 0-)
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    I voted for Obama, I prefer him, but I don't begrudge anyone for coming to the conclusion that Hillary is more likely than Obama to fight the Republicans and would make a better general election candidate.

    Outside of Obamaland, there are good reasons to question how good a nominee and president Obama would be relative to Clinton. Sorry, but for some people, backing Obama is just not the only moral choice.

    All that said, I'd argue that there will come a time in early summer when there'll be a push by the PTB to end this thing. Perhaps Edwards could play a more important role at that point. If he endorses now and Hillary crushes Obama in Pennsylvania, then JRE would be just another Ted Kennedy, a big name whose endorsement didn't matter all that much.

    •  When you have Rush Limbaugh... (1+ / 0-)
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      telling Repubs to go vote for Clinton in the Dem primary, just so they can vote against her in the GE (exit polls show that it did happen in MS, and may have cost Obama several delegates), I fail to see how any Democrat can believe that HRC can overcome the anti-Clinton vote.

      Maybe Obama can't overcome the racist vote, but at least with him you have an energized group of (mostly) young people who might actually vote and make a difference this time around.

      •  YOU MIGHT (0+ / 0-)

        Fail to see Clinton overcoming the anti vote but its only in those few places that she needs that it matters

        I am convinced Clinton would be elected over McBush--But she will kill the down ticket types because of the anti vote that shows up in places like say my state that would come out in droves to wack her

        I like her from a policy perspective although I am generally in O's camp now.  
        She is a tough campaigner and is in fact causing me to be less supportive as I watch what hers folks do

        Anyway, the real point is it aint as simple as you might like it to be.  

        In the end I think if she the nominee she wins but its more of the same BS at the margins.  If Os the nominee he either wins BIGGER or loses by a sliver.  

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