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  •  I understand the logic and self-preservation (1+ / 0-)
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    in what you're saying.  I have always argued that way, including vehemently with my friends in 2000.  I'm amazed that this year the behavior of Hillary has brought me to exactly the same place as the diarist.  I could never vote for McCain, and now I don't think I could vote for Hillary.  There's some behavior that just cannot be overlooked.

    In this contest, we should be celebrating the gains of the Democratic Party in civil right and women's rights.  The country is ready for it and it would have been a feel-good deal when the country sorely needs it.  Thanks to the Hillary campaign and the media, we're being asked to go back to 1950 and be as racist as we can bring ourselves to be.  Not to mention that her whining victimization act completely neutralizes any chance to celebrate the emergence of strong women into acceptance.  This is a cynical subversion of fundamental and longstanding causes of the Democratic Party.  And this will not stand.  This is not my Democratic Party, and I won't pretend it is.

    And if I feel this way, what do you suppose is going on in the minds of people who are involved solely because of Obama?  Or the AA who will see this as just more proof that they will never get a fair shake in America?

    I don't have a good response to your Supreme Court argument, I admit.  But right now I can't bring myself to say anything other than screw Hillary, the complicit democratic party, and the SC.  After 8 years of sneering humiliation from the neocons, I'm simply unable to bear the same treatment from withing the Party.  And after seeing this behavior, I have serious doubts whether she would offer much different than the corporate-friendly agenda of McCain.

    The only frame change that matters: the corporate media = propaganda machine. Americans must find their news elsewhere.

    by geomoo on Thu Mar 13, 2008 at 10:48:56 AM PDT

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