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  •  careful...dont get too excited (0+ / 0-)

    im a total obamaniac.. but there are signs of a serious backlash against Obama which will only grow larger by the general election, or the Denver convention, because of the videos which many people who were interested in obama but not fully yet vested in his candidacy.. found kinda creepy.  I know obama supporters are not a cult, but the hannity, o'reilly, lou dobbs, and clintonistas, and even those who think Obama is the Antichrist, are trying to portray Obama phenomenon as dangerously cultish... and that label is starting to stick.

    So a little advice, make this video more substantive instead about hope/change etc, or distinguish him from mccain without disparaging mccain, don't exaggerate obama's accomplishments or we'll see him start to be peeled open like clinton and her lame claims to experience as is happening how, and please dont make another damn type of music video.

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