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View Diary: Obama's Anti-American Pastor Story Is NOT Going Away (443 comments)

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  •  Good for the Clinton campaign (2+ / 2-)
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    I hope you little psychophantic ass-hats run with this.  Please.  Do it.  Absolutely destroy Obama with guilt by association arguments so that you can fully comprehend Hillary's defeat in November when African-Americans, young voters and millions of other Democrats stay home and say, "Fuck you," to Bill, Hillary and all their supporters. just disgust me.  I know your a Clinton supporter and that disgusts me.  Your candidates a whore.  There's nothing she or her husband or their daughter or any of their surrogates and supporters won't do and say to get this nomination.

    You know what?  Fine.  Fucking have it because it will feel so good to fuck over the Clinton's in November.

    Apparently, the Democatic isn't going to get over Bill and Hillary unless they lose a national election.  And I, for one, can't wait to help them in that regard, because the sooner we divorce ourselves from the sad, sorry, sick psychodrama that is the Clintons, the sooner the Democratic party and this country can move on.

    Fuck you.  Have a nice day.

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