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View Diary: Obama's Anti-American Pastor Story Is NOT Going Away (443 comments)

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    It's a community. Asking someone to disavow their community is asking too much. Obama didn't say these words. I expect he'll have to disavow them because people like you can't stand to hear a little truth. Until you've been AA in this country and walked in their shoes, I don't think you or anyone else is in a position to condemn.

    As far as American hate speech. Mostly the people on this site are progessives/liberals. We're critical thinkers. Most of us don't believe in America right or wrong. We love this country, it hurts us when we steer in the wrong direction and our criticism of America is out of love not hate.

    I have sad news for you. When the coming economic crash really arrives, people in this country are going to be cursing American policy for the last 30 years. This patriotic American crap you espouse is going to be revealed as propaganda for the ignorant masses. Feed them patriotism and lead them into an economic abyss where the rich manage to survive with the wealth they've greedily amassed and the average American sees his standard of living decline. Hope your "I love America" beliefs sustain you though that reality. The rest of us will be trying to rebuild an America we can truly respect.

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