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View Diary: Obama's Anti-American Pastor Story Is NOT Going Away (443 comments)

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  •  No, it's not going away... (1+ / 0-)
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    ....but, fortunately, it isn't getting the media play that had me terrified earlier today.

    ABC News deliberately "blacked it up" for the express purpose of scaring white suburban voters who are unfamiliar with black churches.  It was done very effectively, and very deliberately.  It wasn't what he said, but who said it and how it was said.  It was purposely edited and cropped for maximum "scare" appeal.  

    The purpose, of course, was to make Obama into the "scary black candidate" like Hillary wants Obama to be protrayed.  They did an excellent job.  Very disgusting on the media's part, really...

    Will it be effective overall?  We shall see...  This could end up backfiring on the Clintons, or it could become Obama's Willie Horton (as someone mentioned)...  We'll know by the time Pennsylvania rolls around.

    I certainly hope it's the former, 'cos if it's the latter, that means fear and bigotry still wins... which means Republicans will still win.

    This story will be the true test of Obama's campaign... have we reached the post-racial threshold that he has set for America?  I pray to God that we have.

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