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View Diary: Uninsured Increases Costs Even for the Well Insured (14 comments)

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  •  Health Insurance is a BIG MESS (1+ / 0-)
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    Health insurance is a misnomer, and the costs are going through the roof.  If you get sick, like I did, which happened to be a birth defect in the brain and needed surgery, then it is called pre-existing.  How much more pre-existing can you get than a birth defect?  In the end, I ended up in the state pool health insurance which ran between 700.00 and 900.00 per month with a $4,000.00 deductile, and you pay like 30% out of pocket.  I could not have afforded this without my family helping pay for it, but I consider myself lucky that the funds were there, most go without. I could not afford this on my own being single and working full-time, and paying all my other bills as well.  I did all things I was suppose to as well, got an education, was a professional, blah, blah, blah.  

    Our bodies are organic matter which eventually somewhere along the line breaks down, you can't insure the human body thinking it will never break down, or have an accident.  It is designed to do just that.  We have to accept the cycle of life and death and then figure out how to provide health care to all people, both the sick and healthy.  

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