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  •  Cars aren't cast, they are stamped (0+ / 0-)

    Al requires much higher temps, and welding it is much harder.  Drilling it ain't as easy either.  Much harder to tap, and the finish is much less forgiving.  You've never seen Al in your life (neither have I...) but you've seen aluminum oxide- it oxidizes instantaneously when it contacts the air.  That's pretty much why they use it in solid rocket engines.  (And it burns very hot.)

    Much of the Al content in cars is trim, wheels, electrical and non-structural.  As I'd stated earlier, Scoobies will no longer have Al body panels.  It is too expensive!  Not everyone can afford an XK- how many people do you know drive $80K cats?

    Now what you said about recycling makes absolute sense, but here in the US we are a generation behind our European cousins.  Then essentially force the vehicle to be recycled, and the owner/maker pay for it.  Here in the US, you can just junk your car.  Unless we start to institute a policy where people pay in advance a sort of "bottle return" for their cars, I can't see that happening for a while.  And one other note, Al bodied cars have had longevity problems in the past.  We are better at welding it today, but in the past there were problems.  

    •  I don't care where the Al goes (0+ / 0-)

      As I stated, I've never welded Al or steel, but

      "Drilling it ain't as easy either"

      I've drilled both, and I found the Al much easier to get through.  It's known as a soft metal for a reason.

      "As I'd stated earlier, Scoobies will no longer have Al body panels"

      But given the increasing percentage of cars that are made up of Al, its usage is increasing.  It's now the second largest component of cars and light trucks.

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