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View Diary: Superdelegates, Eliot Spitzer, and Pastor Wright (21 comments)

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    Seneca Doane

     The Eliot Spitzer example is well taken, but I would go further. Superdelegates are people who make their lives in politics and hence may know more about a candidate than the general public does. A judge I know, for example, hinted at something "not right" about Spitzer last year when I was raving about how great he was.
     There is a lot of such information circulating outside the range of the media and superdelegates need to be free to react based on such inside information without waiting for a scandal to become public.
      Your point that there may well be scandals in the Clinton camp that could blow up even higher than the current Rev Wright business is also well taken.
      I do think that we need to count on the collective wisdom of people who have spent their lives in elected politics to do more than just follow the crowd which is invariably fickle and less than totally informed about their hero or heroine of the moment.
     By the way, I wish now that superdelegates had pulled the plug on Bill Clinton in 1992 before he brought his cheap philandering ways into the White House.

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