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View Diary: Delegate Math: Where We Stand After Iowa Redux [Updated] (250 comments)

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  •  James Joyce streams my consciousness: (0+ / 0-)

    First morning thought: "It's a good day today, Obama's winning and soon my voice will be a part of the national discussion again."

    Start reading dKos:  "Hillary said what?   with lawyers in Texas? demonizing Obama's pastor? On Fox News again?  Oh shit the lying will never stop I'm going to be cheated again my country's being stolen from me no one will know how great Obama is HE'S NOT A MUSLIM HE'S NOT A SATAN HE DOESN'T HATE AMERICA YOU HILLARY SUPPORTERS ARE ALL DEMONSPAWN!!!!!!

    Read PocketNines diary: "Ah, it's so nice to have the nomination almost sewn up.  I love math.  Where's a Hillary supporter?  Someone's going to need a hug."

    The only frame change that matters: the corporate media = propaganda machine. Americans must find their news elsewhere.

    by geomoo on Mon Mar 17, 2008 at 12:34:32 AM PDT

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