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    Basically, you think John Adams was a piece of crap? If you do, I think you are a complete idiot. God forbid he would want to pursue an education. Or even worse, defend the idea that all people deserve great legal counsel, even the British soldiers indicted with the Boston Massacre. What the hell was he thinking by appointing George Washington as the leading general of the continental army? He obviously doesn't understand talent if the best he could find was General Washington. How about his peers? Did they not recognize him as the floor leader of the continental congress? Talk about a lapse in judgement. Perhaps the efforts he made to secure foreign loans overseas to help our war effort was also monoarchial? Give me a break. His elevation to the highest office in the land was repayment for a lifetime of hard work and experience. Once upon a time, experience mattered in presidential politics. He also prevented a war during the XYZ affair with France. And if it wasn't for the Adams-Hamilton split, the Federalists would have beaten Jefferson in 1800. I don't agree with his approval of the Alien or Sedition Acts, but no statesman gets everything right. Yes, notice the term statesman not politician. However, Adams was an American Patriot and he has earned my respect. Too bad the idiot who wrote this diary sees America as it is today and not as it was over 200 years ago.

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