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  •  Arnold...GOP joke (none)
    This entire GOP Convention is such a joke.

    First Rudi comes on telling us that while he was watching people jump out of buildings on 9/11...he was thanking God W was President. What an insult to people's intelligence.

    Then Arnold comes out the next night telling us that his political idol is Richard Nixon. So this young immigrant from Austria comes to America in 1968 to make porn videos, hustle women, do lots of drugs, make some of the most violent films in history and when faced with the decision of which Party to join...he chooses one based on the most corrupt politician in the modern era.

    Is Cheney going to tell us tonight that he's a compassionate conservative because when he was CEO of Halliburton and they were illegally doing business with Iran and Libya...that he saw how destitute the people were and he wants to invade their countries now to liberate them?

    Anyone else wanting to slap some Republicans?

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