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View Diary: FL-25: Support Joe Garcia, our newest Blue Majority candidate (78 comments)

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  •  Miami is changing (0+ / 0-)

    Before the Bay of Pigs Cubans voted Democratic. The Republicans made a concerted effort tailored to local politics to blame Kennedy for failing to back up the invasion with air support and to portray the Democrats as Communist appeasers and sympathizers.

    Things are very different today. That generation of Cubans is dying off. There has been a huge influx of other Hispanics from Colombia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil as well as a very large influx of Haitians. Younger Cubans don't think like their parents and Cubans who have arrived more recently and lived under the embargo and still have family in Cuba aren't big fans of the Draconian restrictions on remittances to family and travel. Cubans are very big on family and laws that divide family and prevent family members from helping family in Cuba are not as popular as the old guard pretend.

    •  I agree with everything you say, (0+ / 0-)

      and my point was that the Democrats are viewed as more willing to have an accomodation with Cuba. Some would say this is appeasing and sympathizing with communists.

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