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View Diary: Just Released from Gitmo on Hudson (40 comments)

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  •  Sounds like the beginning of Nazi Germany to me (none)
    but maybe I'm just sensitive from all the "it could happen again, it could happen here" stuff I heard growing up in a classically Jewish family that had lost members in the Camps.
    •  aoeu (none)
      You're not being over sensitive.  It can happen anywhere, we are all humans.

      The turtle sees some
      "Dim Witted Veterans for Bush"
      He don't believe them.

      by TealVeal on Thu Sep 02, 2004 at 10:33:05 AM PDT

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    •  More like Argentina in the 1980s (none)
      So far, with some obvious exceptions, I think that Bloomberg and the New York police have handled the convention protests reasonably well. At least New York hasn't tried to pen protesters in a "free speech zone." (Other than maybe Pier 57.)

      But I think the Bush administration is using the orange alerts to create an atmosphere of fear that fosters a slide toward the kind of authoritarian rule that Argentina imposed on its people in an effort to fight terrorism (and political opposition) in the 1980s.

      Bloomberg and the NYC police are probably going further than they would have if they were in the same situation 4 years ago because they are terrified of a WMD incident. If anyone reading this sincerely thought a fellow protester were going to explode a backpack nuke in New York, chances are you too would do a lot of things you wouldn't normally do to try to find that bomb.

      The real problem, in this case, is that Bloomberg  knows that, under circumstances, even if he hates Bush, Bush is his president. He has to act as if Bush has come up with a reasonably accurate, apolitical threat level estimate. What else can Bloomberg do? If the terrorists do attack, then Bloomberg really needs Bush. Bloomberg does not have an air force.

      But, of course, it looks as if Bush is just raising the threat level willy nilly to rally the troops and support efforts to squash threats to his rule. He's abusing Bloomberg's dependence on federal military protection.

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