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View Diary: The VRWC at Dartmouth and beyond (224 comments)

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  •  I had a job interview at Dartmouth about 5 years (0+ / 0-)

    ago.  It was January and I was enchanted by the snow, the remoteness, the mountains, the proximity to Vermont, the quaintness... it seemed like heaven compared to where I currently teach, which is one of the biggest public research universities in the country.

    But the colleagues told me of the conservative atmosphere, of the ills of the Dartmouth Review, and of the way that hispanic students there didn't want to take courses oriented toward "heritage speakers" nor did they want publicly to identify as Latinos... it was NOT a place in which diversity was celebrated.

    I wasn't offered the position ultimately, and I sorta wish that I had been, because at the time it was so attractive to think about living in such a small place.  But I'm also glad I wasn't offered the job.  I would have been miserable there I think.

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