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View Diary: Nazi Ann Coulter Acknowledges Friendship With Handy Hannity (34 comments)

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  •  Sure. (1+ / 0-)
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    More appropriate targets:
    Whichever thug McCain chooses to run with
    Any Pub congress critter, senator, governor, etc.

    When a cockroach emerges from the woodwork, you crush them before they escape from the light.

    I have no problem with the characterization of Coulter as a cockroach but the violent imagery is unnecessary.  I do ignore her and the other insects and it hasn't cost me a thing.  

    I see no need for the personal attacks against Dave

    Well then, that settles it.  If you don't see the need there simply must not be one.

    especially coming from someone who hasn't contributed anything that I can see.

    Nope, not biting.  BTW, you can read "The Warden" online for free.  Perhaps then you'd understand the need and potential benefit of providing dave with something other than adulation.

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