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  •  I wanted to do a diary on why this isn't (0+ / 0-)

    headlined in huge 24 point type everywhere. Where is the outrage over these numbers?

    And the reason is as you have pointed out, really, this is business as usual.

    The apologists point out we lose 34 to 40,000 people a year in auto accidents. We lose 80 to 115,000 in iatrogenic illnesses, medical errors that in the hospital or a botched treatment protocol kill rather than cure a patient who should have lived each year.

     But there is a cynicism and a attempt to diminish and make irrelevant that number as if that is the "Only" cost of the war and the occupation. It disguises for an instant that there's a hidden cost in that the non-uniformed services and off the books security also incur casualties and some 800 to 900 of them have died and 89 journalists. (according to NYT)all totalled,  the US related numbers are actually closer to 5,000. And further by several unbiased measures between 1 and 1.1 million Iraqis have died from actual incompleted counts and valid extrapolations.(NYT, Iraqi Body Count, Lancet, John Hopkins Study on Iraqi war casualties)

     The Bush administrations demurs,and parries by claiming that only 180,000 or so due to guesswork by its Baghdad puppet government is "verifiable".

     So 186,000 people dead is not too much to pay for their ongoing war and occupation.  How much would have been "too much"?

      In war games/scenarios envisioned before the 2003 invasion, a worst case/typical casualty count was assumed to be about 10,000 US dead at the end of it.

    Judging by that criteria, Bush congratulated his generals for having a good run up to Baghdad and incurring less than 100 killed by May, 2003.

     He then triumphantly set in course the attempt to permanently occupy Iraq, and the carnage and bloodletting that flowed after without cease.

     In 2007, over 900 US soldiers plus unknown numbers of contractors have died. It is the bloodiest year for USA to date. This after the start of the "surge".
    Current numbers show the pause and cease fires are breaking down.  It also shows the occupation is being resisted in many ways and it is no way safer or more peaceful in Iraq but the opposite.

     As long as the USA occupys Iraq, has bases and military patrols to coerce and prop up a faction seen as owing its position to US armed power, foreigners, there will be no peace only increased resistance. That is a historical trend not unique to Iraq.  A people that have survived 6,000 years will not quit in 7 years or 15 years or a hundred years.

     So that is what the "trivial" according to Bush and Cheney milestone of"only" 4,000 killed mean?    

     The trivializing and discounting and even the reporting of its significance is a lie. We must resist and change this horror.


    Sorry. -defending- opposing bullying is not a virtue at KOS yet.

    by Pete Rock on Mon Mar 24, 2008 at 08:55:12 AM PDT

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