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  •  Hillary thinks she has Grace Under Pressure (0+ / 0-)

    But her campaign is really mostly Vapor Trails and all the polling is just a Test For Echo and Feedback or Signals from whatever Hemispheres they think will - Presto - clinch her headlong Rush for the nomination.  Frankly, I'd call her campaign a Fly By Night operation, the way it's been run.

    Now granted, her sharp tongue can be a Caress Of Steel or like Snakes And Arrows, but isn't it better after Bush-Clinton-Bush in the White House to have a Farewell To Kings instead of Permanent Waves of the same two families as Counterparts for churning out more Presidents?

    •  Do you think that it would be anyless a dynasty.. (0+ / 0-)

      ....having Queen Hillary in the presidency rather than King Bill?

    •  No, not if the choice (0+ / 0-)

      Is Obama, who has so many flaws himself. Actually, things are starting to look bad for him.  All the states had to clamor for earlier primary dates, and this is what we now have.  Once candidate who people are familiar with (Clinton), and one candidate that a mass of people are just starting to become familiar with, and in many cases, they are not too happy with what they are seeing.  Yes, Obama has been given a virtual pass by the media who have looked at him as a saint, while they have badgered Clinton.  If the media would do its job fairly instead of playing by their corporate master's rules, then maybe some of the garbage that is in Barack's history would have come out sooner, so that people would have had more information to make a sound choice in candidates.  Y'all think Obama has been treated unfairly by the media at this time (so untrue), but wait until what happens if he becomes the eventual nominee.  He is a deeply flawed candidate, as much or more so than Clinton, who y'all love to skewer every chance you get.  As a matter of fact, all three candidates are flawed.  But out of this mess, I think Clinton is the best choice.  Now...  y'all can start with your hate.

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