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  •  It's a great article (none)
    And one point that I took away from it was that the current right-wing power is the result of a concerted multi-pronged effort that was conceived of and pursued over the course of decades. The "Tentacles of Rage" (as Lapham calls them) extend into every aspect of our society: education, economics, religion, etc.

    The lesson is that the American people need a "movement," a sustained effort that seeks to change the ethos of the nation, changes the way we think about topics like public education, health care, and business, even science and technology.

    I believe George Bush I was right to call for a "kinder, gentler America," only he was insincere about it. The Goldwater revolution that started all this crap has to be turned back by a broad movement devoted to restoring our sense of unity and the shared fate that a majority of us carry. Defeating George Bush stops the hemorrhaging, but as Lapham implies, we need to change our diet and who we hang out with before we can hope for a future of health and prosperity.

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