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  •  Not Conservative (none)
    I think Kerry is right that he is more conservative (and of course more liberal) than the current Admin and by extensive GOP. I've ranted about this before but I think we seriously need to emphasize:

    It is not conservative to diminish US institutions such as social security, public lands and the like.

    It is not conservative to act cavalierly toward the rule of law, whether the question involve Olympic trademarks, August ballot deadlines, bans on military personnel as delegates or torturing street-sweep detainees.

    It is not conservative to run up huge deficits, and in fact to pass legislation allowing one's intimates to fink out on paying their share of the bills.

    •  In my view (none)
      The current Republicans are the "Simpletons". They view everything in fairly simplistic terms - good & evil; rich & poor; left & right; American & un-American etc.

      The Democrats, including Kerry, are "Pragmatists". They know that things cannot be expressed in simple terms. That the world we live in is complex and interdependent. That people outside the US do not view the world in the same way.

      I could go on on these theme for hours - but I won't do it here.

      "It is a look I know well - if he had been a subordinate commander in battle I would have immediately relieved him of his command" General Sir Michael Rose

      by NeutralObserver on Fri Sep 03, 2004 at 01:37:36 PM PDT

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