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  •  Even further (none)
    I would agree and say it should even go a step further; a rethinking among left-liberals of their class identification.

    It's important for people to understand that, with few exceptions, you're a "worker" no matter what you do.  Maybe you don't work with your hands, or in a factory, but you do work, and you can be shed as fast as any blue-collar man or woman.

    This kind of unity will require breaking down some class barriers.

    •  Class Divisions (none)
      The liberal view of class is not the problem ... though to build on your point, a widening of the term "worker" could re-invigorate unions in this country. White collar workers can certainly benefit from the labor movement, too, especially since the consequences of globalization have spread beyond manufacturing into other sectors. I think the problem is that real class division DO exist in the US, but liberals tend to back away from forcing the issue when Republicans start screaming about "class warfare." Who the hell decided class warfare is a bad thing for America? The Republicans and their fat executive cronies are terrified of having the class issue re-framed by the left. But to do that, progressives need to keep up a full-court press.
      •  it's amazing (none)
        the republicans have been practicing class warfare on the poor for a generation now, but if we mention this WE'RE the class warriors. more the non-logic we've come to expect of the modern republican party.

        i think the answer to this is to simply make the points over and over again and ignore the name calling. eventually it runs out of steam. it's approximately the same technique the righties have used to advance their much weaker ideas, and they've been successful.

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        by gracchus on Fri Sep 03, 2004 at 11:05:40 AM PDT

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        •  Exactly (4.00)
          This is a great example of how they've been able to frame the debate because of their strength. The right-wing ninnies weren't able to frame the debate this way in the 60s and 70s.

          But they learned how to get their money, their thinkers, their media hounds, and their grassroots shock troops (e.g., Christian Coalition) all on the same page, speaking the same language and moving in the same direction.

          That's what is needed on the left now.

    •  asdf (none)
      Using "worker" as an identifier isnt something picked out of a hat. Neither does it refer to people working with their hands.

      In america there have always been three classes. The upper class, the managerial class, and the working class. Since the seventies we've added the technical class in a serious way. The technical class consists of people who usually have four year degrees or more.

      The upper and managerial classes have from the beginning of the nation been the beneficiaries of the capitalist system. It was designed to do just that. And their class interests did and do conflict with the interests of the working class. At first as we added in the technical class they at first they were part of the managerial class. They had many of the same powers, perks and responsibilities and often served in the same roles. But as information and technology continue to explode their functions become more and more easily integrated into the working class. You no longer need an mit educated engineer to build a CNC machine. You no longer need someone with a doctorate in computer science to program or maintain a database. So the technical class slips to somewhere slightly above the working class.

      And so a four class system is born. With the managerial and technical classes often united over similar interests. And thus the current "move to the right".

      Democrats came into power by appealing to the majority. And the majority are not the people who own the corporations. They are not the people who will ever in their lives buy a new Lexus. They are not the people who wear suits to work.. or even own suits.

      We have to get back to appealing to the true majority. And all that takes is to once again return to the ideals of the libertarian left. The ideals put forth by people like Jefferson, King, Roosevelt.

      In other words.. when our party stops trying to be Faux country club republicans we will take back this country in a Storm.  

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      by cdreid on Fri Sep 03, 2004 at 10:31:22 PM PDT

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