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  •  i know the history fairly well (none)
    and i'm simply not convinced that lbj himself didn't have greater freedom of action than he chose to exercise. he had been a red-baiter in the 1950s and had the anticommunist credentials NOT to intervene as fully as he did -- and the decision to send in american combat troops was his.

    i'm not going to argue that the red scare wasn't an incredibly traumatizing event, and probably affected the mix of advice lbj received. however, there WERE advisers, i believe clark clifford was one, telling him that vietnam was a mistake. he just chose not to listen to them -- or to any of the people outside the administration who were opposed to the war.

    yes, not escalating in vietnam would have been a tough political decisin to make with the red scare in the recent past, but tough political decisions are something that presidents are paid to made. and given his considerable political chops, could probably have minimized the fallout.

    so yes, mccarthy helped prepare the ground (and i'm sorry to hear about your father), but i don't think this absolves lbj.

    non-resident or non-u.s. citizen? want to (legally) help defeat bush? see

    by gracchus on Fri Sep 03, 2004 at 10:14:10 PM PDT

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