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View Diary: Violent Rhetoric Watch - Buchanan's 'Black Hustler' Slur (166 comments)

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  •  I emailed several days ago (11+ / 0-)

    about Buchanan, and said this:

    To whom it may concern -

    I am writing a brief but serious note about your continued employment of Pat Buchanan as a member or guest on a variety of MSNBC shows.  In the recent weeks I have grown increasingly concerned, troubled, and insulted by his racially divisive and bigoted comments on air.  As of this weekend, however, I believe he has stepped far beyond the line of acceptable racial discourse (at least for the year 2008 rather than 1908) in his well-known off-air writings: Mr. Buchanan has just written that he believes black Americans should be thankful for slavery because otherwise they would be savages.

    Continuing to give a man who espouses such views in public any airtime at all is far below the standards MSNBC has set for itself.  (Indeed, if this were Fox News, I might expect such an individual to be present.)  You have disciplined other members (Mr. Schuster, for example) for saying far less harmful and hurtful things; you must, in my view and that of many others I've spoken with, take immediate action regarding Mr. Buchanan.


    •  Me too Email (2+ / 0-)
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      sockpuppet, WeBetterWinThisTime

      Joe@MSNBC, and you can also find managers's emails on Media Matters.  They are both, Joe & Pat, the very things they say Rev. Wright are and worse.  They make cushy salaries spreading the poison of hate, division and fear.  I turn off now Morning Joe, and any show which has Buchanan on.  That is what he have to do.

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