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View Diary: Kitty Kelly Bush Book Rumors (52 comments)

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  •  It's a matter of taste, I guess. (none)
    As long as we stay light-years away from that stuff when discussing politics with undecided voters.

    If we're not careful, people who might otherwise vote Democratic might look at it and say, "Oh, they're all a bunch of crooks!" and stay home.

    •  stay away from the undecided voters? (4.00)
      who do you thinks reads shit like that? anyone who is undecided in these times arent confused, they are either stupid or full of ignorant bliss. the only way you can get there attention is to hit the upside the head with this kind of off the wall crap.  the one thing that the democrats should learn from republicans is that it doesnt matter if its true, the media will make the victim prove he is the victim, not the false accusers, i.e. the sbvt. these bushies need to get a taste of karma.

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