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  •  why (0+ / 0-)

    why? Sadam would of overthrown by his own people, and those who did it would have shown their authority.  SOmething needed to be shown i that part of the world.  With the US airpower and so forth at its back, a new governmnet would of rsising from within.  That is how it is always done.

    Hell we wouldnt even be a country if the 18th century super power France didnt have our backs.

    •  Repeat: Who was uprising? (0+ / 0-)

      And would they have been any better?  What's your answer. Say it's "the people" is idealistic. It would've been one of the factions we're seeing fighting now.

      I'll answer you question: we'd be in the same mess we're in now, only it would've happened earlier.

      George the First was smart enough to forsee that. Even Cheney knew it back then - there was a video floating around here last year showing as much.

      It's not our job to foment civil war in Iraq, then or now.

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