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  •  no one hears your "radical truth telling" (0+ / 0-)

    If you mean Air America, yes it was a valiant effort, but far too often they sacrificed truth for some kind of mirror-imaging of right-wing talk.

    Let's get clear. Right-wing talk is premised on Big Lie theory. Countering that does not mean fabricating counter lies, which are transparent and alienating. It can only mean radical truth-telling, and that we just haven't seen, with rare excep[tions from Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins.

    equating right wing talk with Air America and other prog talkers doesn't work.  the right wing monopoly is dedicated to pushing uncontested repetition of often coordinated GOP propaganda.  they lie for a living, the progressives lie by mistake. and do a lot of truth telling along the way.

    the right wing talk radio monopoly, reaching 50-70MIL, cannot be countered with anything other than demonopolization and perhaps some kind of new Fairness Doctrine that will even the playing field in talk radio- its range-  although written transcripts of their propaganda that can be analyzed and addressed with other media would help.

    this is a big reason why talk radio has been so effective in getting us into this bush disaster- those it attacks the most don't or can't listen to it.

    •  If only it were so (0+ / 0-)

      "the progressives lie by mistake"

      You can't actually believe that. The progressive radio such as it has existed is driven by the very same base motives that drive right-wing radio, and that is, primarily, fundraising. If it doesn't start that way, it ends that way.

      Time and again Pacifica and Air America chose their guests on the basis of their proven track record in generating call-in donations. Hate to tell you but the "guests" successful at generating cash were the ones willing to lie, shamelessly and blantantly, in order to make listeners enraged and therefore willing to phone in a donation.

      Why do you think charlatans like Caldicott and Nader get air time over and over again, especially during fund drives?

      That is exactly the dynamic that drives right-wing talk. If you don't understand it, you don't understand the business.  Did you ever try convincing a program manager to not put on a guest with a proven track record of telling outrageous lies but who raised a lot of money for the station?

      Sorry, but any progressive media that even approaches honesty will have to be organized on a different business plan than what has been tried.

      •  self-correction (0+ / 0-)

        ok, yes, I realize that Air America and most right-wing talk radio have relied on commercial sponsorship not listener donations, but the fundamental dynamic is the same. The flaming prevaricators boost listener ratings, which then translates as commercial revenue.

        Thus each side relies on the gullibility of a different segment of the population.

        NPR had the only model that allowed the program managers to fucus on getting out the straight story, but that was only when the were generously supported by government grants. Now they too are forced into commercial considerations, or worse, offending the funder-bureaucrats.

      •  you're wrong (1+ / 0-)
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        i've been around listener supported radio and have been monitoring right wing talk radio and recently the growth spurt of progressive radio and there is no comparison.

        for the most part the motivation is toward truth telling and within that motivation there is ample opportunity, especially with all the crap bushco and their cheerleaders have provided, to spread truth and entertain, shock, and either raise money or attract ad money.  if anything Air America and other progressives have often had to watch their tongues to stay on the air.

        right wing talk radio has no motivation to tell the truth- it's purpose is to distort and attack anything progressive and make excuses for anything republican.  most of their talkers are protected by professional screeners and are never seriously challenged on air- they can't be.  most progressive talkers regularly take challenges on air.

        fundraising drives happen maybe twice a year.

        right wing talk radio is a monopoly and 'market forces' are greatly distorted by the fact the GOPs benefactors will continue to protect and subsidize that monopoly for millions while making billions in tax breaks, war profiteering, and deregulation.

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