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  •  What made me physically gag about Keen's book (0+ / 0-)

    was the phrase "killing our culture." Anytime somebody talks about the destruction of culture I'm immediately suspicious. Culture is fluid; it changes to fit the conditions into which it is channeled. Moreover, the idea that the conditions of human life ought to be husbanded to suit the needs of preserving a particular culture - especially ours, which is at best no older than a single human lifespan - is putting the cart so far in front of the horse that it isn't funny to either the horse or I, and the horse isn't particularly hard to amuse.

    But whatevz, print sensationalism sells. Actually, one of the least fortunate things about the information trade prior to the internet was that the quantity of given types of available information skewed directly to whatever criteria best got books off the shelves - gormless panic-mongering and moralistic pissmanship, for example. Now, if you have a quibble with something printed, you can put up a blog or a website pointing it out, and stand a decent chance of reaching the book's audience.

    Finally, it's easy to love the gatekeeper if you've already got both feet in the door, as Keen has got. It's the rest of us, throwing rocks at the window from outside, who see most clearly the gatekeeper's insularity, his arbitrariness and the fact that he sits in the gatehouse smoking crack and listening to Phil Collins. It's definitely no kind of valid intellectual argument to just sit there attacking someone's motives, but one cannot help observing that in a world where everybody could publish panicky horseshit whenever they wanted to, the overall standard for panicky horseshit might rise beyond Keen's talent as a commentator.

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