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  •  I actually think (4+ / 0-)

    this is pretty astute.  i mean, what if people really listened to that line of commentary, and good people who seek progressive change en masse began running for public office.  really, think about that for a moment...

    i still wish hillary would drop out, because i think there are far more direct and meaningful ways to bring about the future posited above.  but i think the concept raised in nader's letter is one that deserves some thought, beyond the context the letter is referring to.  

    •  I agree (1+ / 0-)
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      There's a knee-jerk negative reaction here to Nader because of his perceived "spoiler" presence in federal elections. It's surprising, because i'd figure this site—though it is committed to getting Democrats elected—would have plenty of members who appreciated the fact that any citizen can run for public office.¹

      Let's look at the facts: the United States of America is stuck in a tired, two-party system that doesn't measure up against any of the great democracies on this planet. For all the ballyhoo about "America, Champion of Democracy" it's interesting that 3rd party candidates are seen as nobodies, cranks, or spoilers.²

      I'm going to bring up something now that i thought i'd leave until—IF—Obama somehow does not get the nod to run as the Democrat's candidate. I think that he has enough backing to make a serious run as a 3rd party candidate. I'd be interested to see, if this came to pass, how many here who otherwise bash Nader at all opportunities, would get behind Obama in such an effort.

      Remember: i'm only saying if he doesn't take the Primary.

      ¹ Well, almost any citizen.

      ² OK, many of them are, but still …

      "People who say I'm dystopian are middle class pussies!" – William Gibson

      by subtropolis on Fri Mar 28, 2008 at 06:05:04 PM PDT

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    •  Imagine (2+ / 0-)
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      Chi, Fawkes

      What if we went into the ballot booth and we had reams of paper, since there was 35 or 40 million people running for president?

      It'd be ludicrous.

      I agree that Nader can run for president all he wants, but he should get no more attention and no more publicity for it than every other crank out there. And there are many various people running for president that we never hear anything of.

      •  the whole system would change (0+ / 0-)

        if that were to happen.  because you're right, given how things currently function, that is unfathomable and not very appealing. but it wouldn't happen that way, i don't think.   something would be fundamentally different.  and i'm not talking about gary coleman campaigns.  i'm talking about what would happen if people who really understand what's at stake were to heed that call and pursue careers in making meaningful change through the electoral process.  and i'm furious with nader for taking his ''there's no difference between gore and bush"  rhetoric to the level he did.  it's just wrong.  and if he were committed to the values he supposedly cares about so much, i think he would have been unafraid to take a step back in ample time before the GE in 2000 in order to clarify that, indeed, there are major differences and that it DOES matter whether it's gore or bush in the white house. and for a LONG time, i had a hard time engaging with friends who had latched onto him and who logged time supporting his campaign until the bitter end.    but I do NOT believe that Nader should get no more attention and no more publicity for it than every other crank out there.   there is much to be learned even from zeroing in on where he's gone/he goes astray.  and over his career there is a lot that he has NOT gone astray about.  a lot of very, very important things that I consider some of the bread and butter of this community.   he's got something to say, and this comment of his was, again, surprisingly astute and resonant and representative of a line of thinking that is quite far afield from what we've become accustomed to, concerning the race, and concerning politics in general.  

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