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  •  What about the scandal the WT broke then covered? (0+ / 0-)

    Wash.Times pg.1 6/29/89

    I know some topics are banned here--and maybe this is often tied to them?--but seems like a legitimate item to consider in looking at how Moon gained credibility with the 'right'.

    If this crosses a line of what's acceptable here, sorry, but maybe there's a reason for making an exception in this case.

    •  That crazy "child sex ring" headline in Times (0+ / 0-)

      Not sure what the deal was with that. It was speculated that Moon was trying to impress foreign investors by using his Times to embarrass lobbyist Craig Spence--who committed suicide after his exposure in the Times as a pimp.

      •  Given other 'made up' WT stories... (0+ / 0-)

        I guess it's easy to dismiss this one--but if it were true, it wasn't (just) about Spence. He was a minor figure. This site gives multiple WT stories from on/around June 29/30th that mention people resigning from the Labor Dept., statements made by Republican Nation Committee Chairman Lee Atwater's spokeswoman Leslie Goodman, and so on (some of the article's claims can't now be verified: that WT reporters had looked at hundreds of credit card charge slips to a central escort service provider) but others like these two could be.

        Given the recent scandals of a similar nature, this one seems worth revisiting. For instance, here's was Atwater's spokeswoman had to say:

        "There's no reason for cleaning anybody out (of office because they used homosexual prostitutes),"

        Does this mean that if Spitzer had been gay he'd have been 'okay' to stay?

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