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  •  I'm just back from my convention (19+ / 0-)

    in Robertson County, which is about smack dab in the middle of the Austin-Houston-Dallas triangle, if you look on a map.

    I went as an Obama delegate. There were 70 delegates in attendance, 42 for Obama and 28 for Clinton, exactly 60:40. We send 10 delegates and 10 alternates to the State Convention in Austin. 8 delegates and 8 alternates were selected by votes of the individual precincts, and 2 At-Large positions of each were selected afterward by the Nomination Committee.

    I was in Precinct 2. We got to elect one delegate and one alternate. We had a total of 15 precinct delegates and 12 showed up for the convention. Very nice turnout. I don't think any other precinct had such a high percentage of their delegates show up. I missed being the Alternate by losing a coin toss (after a tie vote). :(  Extremely bummed out, oh well...

    After the precincts had voted for the 8 delegates, Barack had 6 and Hillary 2. The alternates were also 6 to 2 Obama. The Nomination Committee selected 2 delegates (both were Clinton, to bring the total to Obama 6 Clinton 4 to match the 60:40 percentage of the delegate sign-in sheet. Alternates wound up being Obama 7 Clinton 3, because the percent of Obama delegates elected in precinct caucuses was actually 62%. Apparently, of the delegates who did not attend, a couple more of Obama's delegates stayed home than Clinton's.

    The one part I didn't care for was when resolutions were invited. No one actually had a resolution prepared, so the idea seemed to be to stand up and let loose some stream-of-consciousness tirade, which was then supposed to be a resolution. LOL. This was followed by spirited discussion (shouting match). OK, that's a little harsh. Everyone was civil and at least there was unanimous agreement that everyone would support the nominee, whoever that may be ;)

    The Chairperson explained that resolutions needed some thought and care put into them, and that making them up as you go along might not be the best way to proceed. Naturally, nobody listened.

    Overall a great experience, and I'm definitely going to get as involved as I can be with local Democratic politics. I'm really glad I went, except for that G-D coin toss!

    •  How did Clinton control the nomination committee? (1+ / 0-)
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      Since Obama delegates were in the majority, it would seem that they should have controlled the nomination committee, and that would mean that the two at-large delegates would hav been Obama delegates, rather than Clinton delegates.

      Or was was it required that the total number of delegates be allocated 60:40 like the overall attendance at the convention?

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