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View Diary: FACT: Bush Led Gore By 13 Points in Late October (100 comments)

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    Why do they need to be more aggressive if everything is fine? Why change anything if everything is fine?

    I think maybe my definition of panic is different than most people's. Mine does not necessarily include "I give up." It just means, it's time to think carefully on how to proceed.

    Anyway, fair enough, most people haven't gone that far. The point is, there is still plenty to worry about.

    Sail on, sail on, o mighty Ship of State!
    To the Shores of Need
    Past the Reefs of Greed
    Through the Squalls of Hate.

    by Attorney at Arms on Sat Sep 04, 2004 at 03:31:32 PM PDT

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      I don't think I could find one person on this board right now that's saying everything is fine. There is a distinct difference between trying to appraise the reality of a situation and either saying "we're done" or "we're rolling." There are infintely more people on this board right now saying that this thing is basically over than there are folks saying that we shouldn't change a thing.

      I guess I just feel like not everything has to be so damn black and white. Just because I happen to believe for example, that Kerry is not actually behind 11 points, does not mean that I'm looking at this thing through rose-colered goggles or that I don't think any changes or work is necessary. Shades of gray. I just don't see the people you're referring to.

      •  Been away the last few days (none)
        but when I left there were no shortage of posters who beleived not only was everything fine but that the handling of the Swift liars was so brilliant it would ensure victory. I guess that has changed.

        Here's a reality check. Polls at this point mean little. This thing is far from lost or won. But, and this is the big point, which K/E have belatedly realized: if the campaign is about JK we lose; If it's about Bush's record we win. If you have any doubts look at how the reps ran their convention.

        The reps are far better at campaigning and they have done a remarkable job of not only running their campaign but of persuading Kerry to follow their advice on how to run his. Thus Dems were afraid to attack Bush (didn't want to be haters)and exclusively focused on JK's war record (Not to say that proving CinC credentials wasn't valuable) As a consequence we spent the last month defending JK's record and arguing over campaign tactics, while Iraq burned and the terrible July jobs number was buried.

        While the original Diary pointed out the difference between poll numbers and actual votes, the more salient aspect of 2000 was that Gore did not smash an unaccomplished spoiled rich kid when he had the benefit of running on 8 years of peace and prosperity. In no small part this happened because the reps convinced him to distance himself from Clinton and that powerful record.

        Now we have Bush/Rove first convincing K/E to make this a campaign about values instead of pocketbook issues and then turning this into a campaign about Kerry's unfitness for war time command instead of Bush's disastorous record on terrorism, Iraq, jobs, health care, poverty, the environment and just about every issue that americans care about.

        We are about to see if the lesson has been learned.  The key is to get off defense and onto the attack. Like Rove, Cahill should be destroying Bush's percieved strength on the WOT. The post convention Ohio speech was a start.

        Ye that dare oppose not only tyranny but the tyrant stand forth! - Thomas Paine

        by Lcohen on Sat Sep 04, 2004 at 06:19:41 PM PDT

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          ...turning this into a campaign about Kerry's unfitness for war time command instead of Bush's unfitness for war time command.

          If a landslide falls in the bit bucket... was there an election?

          by Canadian Reader on Sat Sep 04, 2004 at 09:11:18 PM PDT

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