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View Diary: Reporter: "Do condoms help stop AIDS?" McCain: "I dont know" (348 comments)

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    I just read this diary, and kept thinking, 'this must be a joke, right?'. I thought the author was just creating some silly dialogue of a fake interview with the press and McBush regarding vaccines, condoms and HIV. Just a nice entertaining post to help lessen the tension we are experiencing with the Democratic race. You know, Saturday silly.

    When I realized it was a real interview, I nearly died.

    McBush is more reality-/fact- challenged than I thought. This actually makes me scared. How could someone get this far, close enuf to actually lead our country.

    PLEASE don't let this man into the White House. Please escort him carefully to a nice island in a warm part of the world where he and his wife can enjoy their retirement. Without having any influence WHATSOEVER on the future of our country or the rest of the world.

    Oh my heavens.

    NOT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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