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View Diary: BREAKING: Scandal-plagued HUD Secretary resigning (185 comments)

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    Irons33, third Party please, Contra

    And of course it would only be under the George W. Bush Administration that the head of an agency overseeing one of the largest policy/social/financial challenges in the US and the world right now - could slip out the back door under a cloud of scandal.

    America is better off having Jackson gone - but America desperately needs someone COMPETENT and EMPOWERED to replace him.

    And I doubt that will happen.

    I hope this leads to a full house cleaning, and FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery should be next.  Montgomery came to DC as the Advance Director of the White House - the guy who sets up Presidential photo ops.  Today he oversees a multi-billion dollar housing portfolio.

    His qualification?  Apart from being a crony, I think he was a press flack for the Texas Department of Housing back in Gov Bush's days.

    (That and he has more chins than Fred Kagan, a remarkable feat these days).

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