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  •  You've got to be kidding... (0+ / 0-)

    Discrimination in NO??  The entire city pre-Katrina was run by African-Americans.  When they moved to Houston, the power center was (and still is) in the African-American community.  I live in Houston.  The African-Americans here were appalled that their counterparts in NO were two to three grade levels behind their own children!  Discrimination?!  You are providing a disservice to the abilities of the African-American community.  Instead, ineptitude is to blame where the African-Americans in NO were placed in a position where they received handouts that didn't require work and this fed into a loop that kept people from hope.  This couldn't be sustained when they moved to Houston where they were required to go to school, obey laws, and find work.

    Finally, the government had an opportunity to step in post-Katrina and take those who the government pays their rent and food and build mixed-income housing for them which academia believes is the correct method to advancement today.

    As for those who want to return to NO, it is true: there's no place like home.  This phenomenon happens to anyone despite where they came from.  But you'll be surprised at the numbers who have taken the risk to forgo going home to make a new home in Texas where they've discovered they have more opportunity.

    •  Perhaps the African American community (0+ / 0-)

      in Houston has more influence overall than the African American community in NO, but to characterize it as the "power center"....uh, Wow!

      As a resident of Houston my observation is that members of African American neighborhoods here are very close knit and do take care of each other, just as in NO.  If whole communities are disrupted, the safety net--which is more than just financial--that community provided is gone.

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