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View Diary: BREAKING: Scandal-plagued HUD Secretary resigning (185 comments)

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    You haven't answered the question. My premise was in fact the reality. People were living in other cities when there was available housing which was not being used because of racism.

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      you can't see the forest for the trees.

      Go back and do some research on the issue and then come back and talk about it.

      It is not racist to want to provide better housing conditions that do not isolate crime and poverty. and 80% of these folks didn't want to come back to that housing anways.

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        Who said it was. It is racist to see people as so subhuman that it is better for them to be separated by hundreds of miles from their Doctors, freinds, schools and sleeping on cots in a huge armory with no privacy and limited space and toilet facilities rather than in apartments not in their neighborhoods but at least in their city.

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