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    Hardhat Democrat

    their right senses would say mugabe's land reforms are right; but he is doing something that exploits the hypocrisy of official circles in the west, especially london. how is it that the brits reneged on the lancaster house agreement that officially brought the indece war to a close? how is it that western governments found their voice about mugabe only when he started his so-called land reforms..?

    yes, zimbabwe looks a terrible mess today, but for many in official circles in london or even washington, the only problem is that cecil rhodes' dream has been shattered, or that ian smith's work has been destroyed. nobody cares whether those blacks whose lands were taken had dreams too, or whether it was worthwhile paying attention to their needs as well...

    well, i don't think that's the right approach to things. if powerful interests in the west who have alligned with zimbabwe's white farmers were more willing to talk to black moderates, and work out a resolution that would have made mutual accomodation possible, perhaps a crook like mugabe will not be in power today, transforming zimbabwe into the big mess that it has become...and perhaps the many industrious white farmers who were working and contributing mightily to the zimbabwean economy wouldn't have had their lives and livelihood disrupted in such an abrupt manner...

    but this is the logic of double standards that we always hide our necks like ostriches, pretending nothing is wrong when everything is wrong, and then we give room for thugs like mugabe to take advantage and hold sway...

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      If you know anything of the time of the Lancaster House agreements, you should have remembered that Joshua Nkomo of ZAPU was seen as the moderate black that people could do business with. He lost the election to Mugabe who, at the time, was seen as a great liberation leader. He retains that respect in much of black Africa.

      One of the reasons Nkomo lost was that he was seen as too allied to the British and too moderate. Simple fact, which you should realize by now from Iraq, is that elections are unpredictable things and an outside country trying to "fix" in advance often backfires.

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