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View Diary: Thursday Health Care Night: Dallasdoc's Guide to Stopping Smoking (381 comments)

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  •  I quit smoking after 37 years. (9+ / 0-)

    I stopped on a dime, kinda. I just stopped because I didn't want to smoke anymore, and I was out.

    The worst at the beginning was a little voice that kept saying 'It's time for a cigarette', and I wasn't even thinking about smoking. It was irritating. Finally, I actually sat down at the dining room table, and pretended my sub-conscience was in a chair. I sternly told my whatever was in the chair that I had quit smoking and to stop telling me it was time for a cigarette. I Didn't Smoke Anymore! And the promptings stopped. Freaky . . . freaky freaky.

    I also didn't get into a power struggle with myself over smoking. If I wanted a cigarette, I could have one, under certain circumstances. I had to buy them on a Monday or a Thursday. I could only smoke one cigarette per pack, (I had to give the rest to the attendant at the store.) If I went to the store for cigarettes, but forget to get them, no going back. (At that point my sub-conscience didn't want me to smoke either.) I think I did that maybe three or four times over a couple months. I still can if I want to. I just don't.

    I don't know exactly when I quit smoking. It was during the summer of 2001. I don't miss it. I wish I had never smoked at all.

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